Adding EO’s to aquariums or even ponds can be a great way to allow them to benefit from the oils by ridding them of fungus, bacteria, viruses, and other health concerns.

Always start with a toothpick with the tip having EO’s on it, and stick it into the tank first. You can build from there as you see how the fish react and the EO’s begin to go to work. Two to three drops of an oil can be used in a 10 gallon aquarium.  If the fish ingest the oil at the surface of the water on top, that is fine and natural. Only use oils in glass tanks.

You can start with our Tumor Blend (canine) or Respiratory Blend (canine), and dip a toothpick into the blend, then dip it into your fish tank. Refresh as needed.

I have done something similar to this by using essential oils to purify water when dogs came to my kennel. Dogs are very susceptible to water change, so I add a few drops of our “Digestive Blend” to purify the water. It helps kill any bacteria in the water and acts as a parasite cleanse for the puppies and dogs in my kennel.

I also recommend starting with our Calm Puppy Blend, (its a nice SMALL blend size to start with if you are dealing with fish). (2 oz), or our Anti-Anxiety Blend (8 oz). The same essential oils I would have used to make a “Fish Blend” are in that formula! Add 2 drops to your tank for every 4 gallons of water, 1 x per week. Start slow, with one drop to each 4 gallons first, and work up slowly each week. If you have fish smaller than a beta fish, only use the 1 drop per gallon 1 x a week. If your fish are large, you can use 2-4 drops for every 4 gallons, 1 x per week.






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