This is our first guest blog by our daughter, Olivia Stanley, who we are passing the torch to someday, and boy is she an adventurer at heart!  So her tips here are valuable. No one I know has done more traveling with their dog (for fun) that I know. Are you embarking on a vacation with your furry friend and feeling a bit concerned about how to navigate this adventure?  How about the things that can “make or break” the trip for your dog…and you? Here are a few tips for a smooth adventure: 

 (Above: Olivia on the Oregon coast at ‘Cannon Beach’ with ODIN on last Summer’s adventure!)


1). How to secure your dog in your vehicle

You have several options when it comes to storing your dog safely in your vehicle while traveling. To begin, when taking shorter tips, placing a dog in the REAR of the car  (hatchback type in SUV’s and Crossovers are best) in a soft-sided crate is your best bet. We sometimes leave the top open so they don’t get hot in the soft-sided kennel. My favorite is one that zips open in several places for easy entry and exit, as well as allowing them to see out the windows as much as possible. The second option you have is to place them in the back seat. You can purchase seat covers or hammocks to place them in the back. I don’t suggest this option simply because if you were to slam on your brakes, your pet would not be safe. The third option is to place them in the front seat with a harness that connects to the seat belt. Purchasing a space saver for the front seat also allows them to extend and stretch out for maximum comfort.  

Some Amazon links and options:

This is a soft-sided travel kennel that is priced reasonably:  Click Here

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2) How often do you let them out?

A good rule of thumb is to let them out every 2-3 hours so that they can stretch their legs for a good 15 minutes. Let them pee, poop, and sniff around and take small drinks of water throughout the day. Big long drinks may make them nauseous and have to stop a lot to go potty.

These bowls are amazing for traveling and are my first choice. Click Here

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If you are on a budget, I highly recommend these. Click here

3) When should I feed and water them?

If taking a day-long road trip, fasting them for a day is not a bad idea. In fact, if a dog is on a raw diet, it’s suggested to fast them every now and then. So, feed your dog as early in the morning while you’re getting ready and packing up for the day.  They, then, have the chance to digest and get it all out before you get on the road! (and if on Raw Diet, we LOVE BARF World’s Freeze-dried nuggets and take them on trips with us where do not have refrigeration. To learn more, Click Here:–use coupon code #1079 to get 10% off your first order and a FREE bag of the freeze-dried nuggets!!)

 (So easy to feed while traveling, just add water) to order Click Here

And you’ll need a good storage bin for your food. Click here

4) What do I do if I need to leave them unattended for a bit?

Proceed with caution when leaving your dog unattended (AND WE DON’T RECOMMEND IT), but nevertheless, sometimes it cannot be avoided. I would suggest getting a second key for your car so that you can leave the car running while they are inside (KEEPING THEM WARM OR COOL) but also allows you to be able to lock the car. If you are at a campsite or somewhere outside, do not leave your pet unattended, but, in an emergency leave your pet in a crate covered with a blanket or towel to shade them, and then add a bit of something for the them to either chew or play with while you are gone, like a Kong (see link below) filled with Cashew Butter or Almond Butter (Peanut butter is too many calories and too much sugar! Or use bits of kibble or even a bit of veggie or fruit they like, in small amounts–but they really love licking the Almond Butter best! And it lasts longer). Always remember to shade them even when in the crate.

Kong”Extreme”is more durable than the red KONG.

NOW…enjoy your next adventure with your furry friend and make it easier and more comfortable for you and your pet!!!–Olivia


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