As professional show breeders of Labrador Retrievers over the past 30 years, we have become firm believers in supplementing our dogs’ diet their most natural, basic diet: a raw, species-specific diet. Basically, a paleo diet. Now before you skip over this thinking “No way!” watch the VERY informative video from veterinarian, Dr. Becker, above. I’m sure you remember how resistant you were when you starting clean living with your family. It takes a while to understand the philosophy behind and and act on your new belief system.

Dr. Becker’s 1st food on the list (homemade raw diet) is very time consuming (trust me, I’ve tried it!), so we recommend a raw diet (#2 on her list, commercial raw food diet) formulated by veterinarian Dr. Ian Billinghurst (DVM) based on his 40 years of research of feeding raw diet. The BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) World “multi-mix patties” are convenient and are shipped right to your door. This is what we recommend MOST for our dogs and puppies. (They look like large hamburgers) The proper meaty/bone mixture that Dr. Billinghurst puts forth in his books are the base of this mix, along with dietary, organic forms of nutrients in the form of veggies and fruits making it highly digestible for your pet. Europeans, of course, are hundreds of years ahead of us and expect their dogs (even large breeds!) to live into their 20’s! And it is based on this experience, on Dr. Billinghurst’s part, that has brought a food revolution the US. The raw/paleo diet is only now just beginning to take over the large portion of the pet food industry here, and as a result, of course, there are many “pretend” raw products that still include starchy, mixtures of carbs and cheap proteins, just like processed kibble, yet soften it. And many traditional veterinarians are not large supporters unless they are holistic and have had more than just a few hours of nutrition in vet school. Many just don’t understand the concept or have gotten all of their knowledge from the food peddlers that visit their vet offices.

Many think that a high-quality raw diet is not affordable. But there are a few tips I would give you to make it VERY affordable. We suggest feeding about HALF of the amount on the bag (that would be for a very active, working dog) when it comes to the BARF Multi-mix patties Also, be sure to use coupon code #1079 to get free food in your first order, and to qualify for an additional $25 each following order. By that time it’s about the same price as a premium commercial kibble…but the BEST, most appropriate diet you can feed your dog. Note again: not all dog foods touting they are “raw” are truly raw. Many are simply kibble ingredients in a ‘soft’ form. This is NOT true raw. We ONLY recommend BARF World Patties because of the research and the formulator.

As Dr. Becker mentioned, most dogs are deprived of the moisture that they really need in their diet because their whole lives they are on only dry kibble. However, we see the most common answer to this over the most recent years being smelly canned wet food which appears to be chunks of meat like substances soaked in gravy. And how fresh is that really? A balanced meal of raw veggies, protein, and meaty, ground bone is the most natural you can give when it comes to feeding your dog. Dogs do not need an excess of carbohydrates in their diet to thrive. Unfortunately, they can “survive” on it, thus, Americans think they are thriving on it. But when you not the top complaints that veterinarians see in their offices, you’ll see they are NOT indeed thriving at all, and it’s coming out of your wallet as well:

  1. Skin allergies/coat issues
  2. GI issues
  3. Ear infections
  4. cancer
  5. pancreatitis, diabetes
  6. hip and joint issues
  7. kidney and organ failure
    *And, BARF World food is 100% GUARANTEED! This is the best guarantee you will find. Our 100% money back guarantee is risk-free! If you don’t agree this diet is the most effective natural remedy for your pet’s skin problem, or you and your pet are not completely satisfied with the Original BARF Diet Premium pet food–simply email us and we will issue a 100% refund on the spot. No hard feelings and no questions asked. All the risk is on us! (
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