All over the country, fleas & ticks are coming out sooner and staying around longer due to the hot weather. Typically, fleas without hosts are killed off when the weather gets colder, but it didn’t get cold enough in much of the southern United States this year.

organic flea control

Warmer weather has many pet owners applying flea & tick topicals (aka spot-on drops)  treatments to their pets because of the increased pest pressure–and pressure from their veterinarian to do so. But, these products can have harsh effects without much payoff (such as causing liver failure over time). Many users are also reporting the treatments are no longer effective at keeping fleas off of their pets–thus the reason many are looking for safe, natural, alternatives like essential oils.

The spot-on drops treatments are put onto your pet’s skin and absorbed into their bloodstream, then the fleas must first bite the pet, ingest the pet’s blood that now contains the chemicals, and then they finally die after the chemicals have attacked their nervous system (and cause terrible chemical burns on some pets). The fleas are not repelled by the treatment at all, so you will continue to have fleas around your pet and yourself. Plus, some fleas are building resistance to these conventional chemical products–NOW THAT IS SCARY!

Organic Flea Control

With the increasing pest pressure across the US, many pet parents are choosing other forms of protection from fleas & ticks. DIATOMACEOUS EARTH kills by contact, and unlike topical treatments, it repels fleas to help prevent them from ever reaching your pet in the first place. It works faster than topical treatments because there’s no wait time for any chemicals to seep into their system. DIATOMACEOUS EARTH AND OUR natural flea control is a simple spray that protects your pet as a repellent and kills fleas & ticks. Most importantly, the toxin-free product is much safer for your pet and your family, too. We recommend dusting your pet with the D.E. first, let them shake to sift it down through the coat, then seal it with the All-Natural Flea/Tick control spray.

You can also dust the exterior of your yard with D.E. as well as bedding or carpets.

This warmer weather is also allowing for fleas and ticks to thrive in pet owner’s yards. This is why treating your lawn for pests is just as important as treating your pet with natural flea control, especially with Diatomaceous Earth (getting  a larger tub to cover your yard is recommended) Controlling the environment where your pet lives reduces their risk of exposure to fleas & ticks. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural way to rid your yard of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests.

Its recommended you spray your dog daily with our All-Natural Flea/tick spray and dust their coat with D.E. at least once a week.

Endless Mt. Oil Blends for Pets provides a Canine formula, Feline Formula, and Equine formula

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