I’ve been thrilled to watch several high-profile, holistic veterinarians publically expand their educational process in essential oils online. Many are reaching out and helping to change the negative opinion (and lack of knowledge) many people have about EO’s–especially when it comes to using them on our pets.

I’m not a cynic by nature, but I’ve often wondered who or what is really behind the bad reputation essential oils have acquired in the last 10 years.

One high profile, holistic veterinarian, Dr. Karen Becker, wonders, “Is the bad press coming from pharmaceutical companies that don’t want the public to learn just how beneficial, broad-reaching and inexpensive essential oil therapy can be? Are the forces behind the ‘negativity movement’ afraid pet owners will find out just how cheaply and successfully we can treat the minds, bodies, and souls of companion animals?”

Wherever the negativity is coming from, the truth is, the results are speaking for themselves. Pet owners whose pets have struggled for years–getting no help from western medicine or pharmaceuticals– are finally finding the relief they need and desperately hoped for—yet without the huge expense of medications and veterinary care.

Good information on safe use, proper dilution, and species-appropriate application was a founding mission of Endless Mt. Oil Blends for Pets. Not only are our oil blends formulated with the help of a holistic vet who understands aromatherapy and animal physiology, but also understands species-appropriate application. It is our hope that “oilers” stop “experimenting” with their pets using a DIY recipe given to them by an MLM oil distributor. We hope that through our safe, effective products that pet owners can reap the benefits of essential oils and avoid harming their pets by using essential oils improperly.

We’ve just passed our three-year anniversary here at Endless Mt. Oil Blends for pets. Thus far, we’ve had not one complaint about negative reactions to our products, nor had more than a handful of returns (most because they never followed the instructions, therefore didn’t get the benefits). We’ve tried to incorporate all product testimonies, as well, on each product page so you can see what others say about our products, and not just us! It’s been an overwhelmingly successful 3 years and its been our joy to see pets and their parents get the relief they need to live long lives and to thrive

Help your pet begin the path to total healing today!

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