So…here’s a funny story. I had a bottle of the All-Natural Pet Shampoo in the shower last week, and since my husband is blind without his reading glasses, he began to use it on his hair.

I remember exclaiming one particular day, “Wow, I smell essential oils, what are you using? It smells AWESOME!”

A muffled voice behind the shower door mumbled, “Its that new shampoo in here.”

Without skipping a beat I replied, “How do you like it?” I swallowed a giggle.

“My hair is really shiny and easy to style, and it rinses out so well!”

The shower door popped open and my hubby stood there in his towel, his hair going every which way.

“You were using the Pet Shampoo!”

After a confused look, he commented, “Wow, it’s great!”

We both had a good laugh—and he’s still using that shampoo! (He also has a intense desire to SHAKE now after getting out of the shower! Hmmmm….)  LOL

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