Birds are a more recent addition into the world of veterinary aromatherapy.  Domesticated birds are extremely sensitive to household toxins, and so much so that even spray air fresheners or burning scented candles can be dangerous and agitating to a bird.

Since many household fragrances are created with poor grade, adulterated, or synthetic essential oils, it was thought that all essential oils were toxic to birds.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!!

But…birds have a very special way that they should be introduced to essential oil. They will both thrive and benefit, as well as enjoy essential oils if applied properly.

Water Misting

Birds tolerate being misted with water for bathing, and when essential oils are added to it, birds enjoy it even more. Essential oils can not only help their health in a preventative way, but can also assist with hormonal issues, skin conditions, feather picking, emotional concerns and a lot more.

***Many of our blends can be used with birds. This is our recommendation: Remove 2 tsp of the oil blend from our original bottle and add it to another 8 oz spray bottle and fill with spring water. Apply as a mist.***

Adding Essential Oils to Drinking Water

EO’s can also be added to bird’s water (such as our digestive blend, which also prevents and cleanses parasites). Use a glass dish if possible, or a stainless steel bowl.

Start by adding one drop of an ‘Endless Mt. Essential Oil Blends for Pets’ blend (approx 1/16 of a tsp) to their water. For small birds (like finches), dip the tip of a toothpick into the blend, then dab it into the water dish.

Start small, and gradually increase the amount over the course of 2 weeks. Not only will they benefit from the therapeutic properties of the oils, but it will also purify the water.

Since birds have a poor sense of taste, it is quite easy to sneak in the EO’s on them.

If you are adding it to a flock of birds, you’ll want to calculate how much they are drinking each day, divide that by the amount of birds, and add the mixture of the Endless Mt. brand EO’s accordingly.

DO NOT apply oils to an obviously sick or ailing bird…see a veterinarian first! EO’s are never a replacement for proper veterinary care… EVER!!

Essential oils have been will tolerated by parrots, finches, and chickens.


This is one of the best ways to introduce EO’s into a bird’s environment. Use a cold water diffuser (one is available for sale on our “products” page, and is also a portable one, so you can take it wherever you need it!!) Plug it in into the wall… or you can use batteries.

Start with 3 drops (approx 1/16 of a tsp) and add to the diffuser, filling rest of the way to the fill line with spring or distilled water.

It is advisable to monitor the bird(s) closely for the first 5-10 minutes of diffusion, especially if your bird is new to a particular essential oil blend. You can decrease or increase the concentration of the oils based on the reaction of the bird(s).

***Great oil blends for birds would include:


‘Anti-Anxiety Blend’, ‘Allergy formula’ (for any skin related issues), and ‘Digestive blend’. (with this blend, just start with a toothpick dipped in the bottle, and dab into birds water dish)



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