It’s a fact that veterinarians become frustrated and just content to sit on one way of doing things when it comes to skin issues.  They may be a bit burned out, and so continuing education regarding one of their least favorite topics – ear infections, allergies, and skin infections – are definitely at the bottom of their list, and they just stay with the ‘same old, same old” conventional way of doing things that they KNOW don’t even work! I don’t really know why some vets get stagnant. For me, I’ve been dealing with skin issues holistically now for 30 years and feel that I’ve seen, heard, and learned everything I can…and continue to educate myself.

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Its sad to think that some pet owners go through life with the impression that ear infections or allergies are just normal and expected for some dogs, and that we were just going to be in a trap of chronically treating to keep them comfortable. The typical series of cleaners and medications are given by veterinarians, such as the hated “Otomax” or “Zymox” that your dog runs and hides from every time you bring it out! Then there are the rounds of antibiotics (which, by the way, only allow the body to produce more candida yeast, and the madness continues its vicious cycle! )

Then I discovered a Holistic approach to these issues, and suddenly…they were NO MORE ear infections!!!

As foreign of a concept as that was for many, it worked!  The joy that is found in helping to repair a dog who has struggled with itching, “allergies”, and ear infections for years – is really a bit indescribable.  It just makes my day!!! And you know, in the long-run, the owner is also going to save tons of money in vet appointments and medications–I know–I have!

Changing to a species appropriate, anti-inflammatory diet usually resolves the issue for good since it goes to the “root cause” by eliminating processed kibble loaded with sugar and carbs which feed yeast. For those that refuse to change foods, they can either keep spending the money on meds that don’t work, or their pets will eventually become “immune to” the medications prescribed by their veterinarian–then what will they do? Our commercial kibbles loaded with sugar and carbs is just creating a breeding ground for skin issues, allergies, and ear infections. A species-appropriate diet high in lean protein and low in carbs, like BARF, will put an end to all skin issues. The biggest mistake I see with any dermatology issue is not evaluating the diet to find out if it is part of the problem. You can keep treating the symptoms, of course, but if the diet is not also addressed, you will sentence your dog to a life of ongoing ear infections. Yes, Ear blend will work in SPITE of processed kibble, but will have to be continued in order to keep ear infections away.

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I find that ear infections are one of the easiest issues to treat with essential oils. If you clean out the debris and then administer our Ear blend, you will see symptoms disappear immediately if you use it as recommended…unless you change to species appropriate diet–then there will be no need for the Ear blend eventually, because in about 2 months, once your dogs has detoxed and its body is in balance, the ear infections will disappear altogether on their own. Some decide to do both–switch to BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) and treat with Ear Blend to get symptoms under control immediately while the BARF diet goes to work from the inside out as it treats the ‘root cause.’

The sheer number of miserable dogs in this world that clearly do not have allergies is staggering to me.  And why?  They have secondary infections that were never, ever addressed or treated.  Sometimes they have been partially treated – usually with antibiotics such as Cephalexin for staph. These secondary infections will only subside when the medication is stopped and the essential oil blend is put to work. Sometimes the drugs themselves cause overgrowth of yeast and, again, the mad, vicious cycle never ends.

Ear mites can also cause inflammation of the ear and excess ear wax. This can also be treated with Ear Blend. And remember:

  • Steroids actually make infections worse.  Sure, we may eliminate a ton of inflammation and itching – but we also suppress the immune system.  So although we make headway with less itching – we also remove the body’s own defense against the infection, leaving it to come back even worse in the future.
  • Our Allergy Blend, Ear Blend were definitely designed and created for these yeasty and itchy animals.
    Bathing Dogs:  For those with any kind of skin irritation, inflammation, irritated feet, infected skin folds, or greasy nasty skin…an essential oil bath can be a wonderful addition. We recommend our “All Natural Pet shampoo”
  • All Natural Pet Shampoo

Do not drop the Ear Blend formula directly into the ear canal. First gently clean the debris out with a baby wipe, then drip the blend “around” the ear canal, close the flap of the ear, and rub from the outside to distribute the product. For a demonstration of this click here.

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If for any reason you find the need to keep your pet from scratching while allowing the essential oils to do their work, there is a wonderful, BRILLIANT alternative to the “Cone of Shame!” Just go to your local drug store and purchase a soft cervical collar…they come in either black or white… and place it around your dog’s neck. It is comfortable, and your dog won’t knock over everything in its wake, yet they cannot itch at whatever you are trying to treat! Wallah!



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  1. The dog ear blend and allergy blend are wonderful! One of my dogs gets the itchy ears.
    He loves the relief he and melts in to my hands as I massage his ears after the drops

    June 19, 2016 Reply

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