Aloe has been known for its medicinal properties for more than 1,000 years and is a succulent plant with no stem, fleshy leaves, and little “sacs” filled with healing juice. Fresh from the plant, this juice can be applied to burns, cuts, wounds, and sunburn and has rapid anti-inflammatory results. Commercial products exctract the juice and thickens it into a gel. We use it “whole”, and it’s 100% pure, so your pet gets the best healing results.

Aloe for pets

Aloe is used in every Endless Mt. Oil Blend


Origination: East and West South Africa, and introduced to the West indies in the 17th century.





*for sensitive or allergy sensitive skin

*when Patchouli is added (which we do in many products) it “accelerates” aloe’s healing properties.

aloe is helpful for pet skin issues

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