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Using a blend instead of a single essential oil…

There is an extreme benefit in my experience, in using a blend of many beneficial essential oils – instead of “just Frankincense” or another single essential oil.  Just as there are many types of tumors, different essential oils can target various cell types a bit differently.  They can contribute to anti-viral measures, immune system support, anti-histamine actions, anti-inflammatory actions, anti-bacterial actions, pain reduction, and a variety of other properties that may be going on in a lump that we have no idea is occurring.  For instance, our “Tumor” blend contains a high amount of Frankincense – which is certainly the “go to” oil where any lump is concerned – but to me – blending it with all of the other amazing oils that have distinct benefits towards tumor reduction makes it the best it can be. What if one pet responds to Lavender, and one to Frankincense, and one to another? That is where a blend can really be the best approach.


I use to drive me crazy when clients would ask, “which oil should I use for ______________?” And they could spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars in vials upon vials of essential oils, experimenting on their pet.

Instead, I felt it to be a more thorough approach to blend the BEST oils that are known to be beneficial to whatever particular issue you are dealing with, and therefore, have a better chance of getting results immediately… instead of spending months and months of exhaustive “trying.” Not to mention all the $$$$

Thus, the creation of Endless Mt. Oil BLENDS for pets. Not only are they blended to give you the best chance of your pet receiving maximum benefits, but we’ve already done the work for you! We’ve developed this line of products with the assistance of Holistic Veterinarians who understand Aromatherapy, helping us blend, dilute and apply these wonderful blends in a species appropriate manner. Thus, you can relax, knowing your pet will receive the healing properties of pure, therapeutic essential oils without the dangers of the crazy DIY recipes by “oil moms” circulating across the internet. We highly discourage these dangerous blends, I even found one that recommended more than 10-20 drops of an essential oil that was absolutely toxic to that particular animal, or any animal for that matter!

I cannot tell you the frustration within the medical community (both human medical doctors and the veterinary community) with the “oiler mom” (or pet owner) who substitutes critical medical care with an oil because someone in their church told them to!

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Why do you think the FDA is cracking down so hard on these MLM companies that create stay at home mom-doctors? There is a time and a place for other modalities when it comes to a Holistic Approach to healthcare. Including Essential Oils. But where did we ever get the idea that oils, and only oils are part of that holistic approach?

I always have and always will be sure that I approach each and every client with a thorough explanation to a holistic approach to any health issue. That may include an oil blend, but please don’t be offended or surprised if I ask what you are feeding your pet or if you are using a supplement. After all, if I’m not also helping you with the root cause of what you are dealing with, then I’m not really helping you. So please, allow us to counsel you will the full counsel we can offer.

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And if you message me asking what oil to use because your dog is in cardiac arrest (yes, I actually got that message), I am going to tell you to go straight to your veterinarian!

The oil blends are intended to not just put a band-aid on the issue, but to also continue to treat ‘root causes’, regenerate body organs, restore body systems to optimal function, and to build the immune system in your pet. It is our hope and prayer that our approach will bring vitality to your pet so it can thrive!

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