I have just recently experienced this myself with a new terrier that I just got from my show handler. His breath could about “kill” you! What I’ve learned about teeth, tarter, and bad breath over the past 30 years is that:

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1.) Bad breath is a result of what is going on in the digestive track. If you are putting high starch and carbs into your dog with processed commercial kibble, which isn’t species appropriate, then you are fighting a no-win battle with tarter, and a horrible “gut” that does not have the essential enzymes and flora to digest food properly, thus the big, stinky kibble poops too. With a raw/paleo diet, you will not only solve your stinky breath issue, but enjoy all the other benefits that accompany this ancestral diet. (no tarter, no flatulence, no bloating, no,belching, no smelly poops (and hardly anything to pick up!). Your dog will no longer shed or have itchy/flakey skin, its immune system will skyrocket and you will not experience the diseases that most dog owners consider “normal.” Your dog will live 25% longer, and will be able to move like a puppy into its senior years. To learn more about species appropriate diet:2.) If you use our “Digestion Blend” from www.essentialoils4pets.com you will find that the bad breath ceases in 2-3 weeks because it not only cleanses the entire digestive track, but it contains liquid chlorophyl, which is a total body deodorizer. So not only will smelly breath leave, but doggie oder will as well (I take this myself, daily, and no longer experience halitosis or body oder at all!!) :

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Just to give you an example of how powerful the liquid chlorophyl is in Digestion Blend, my show handlers use to give it to my girls when they were in heat, so that the boys in the show ring would not be distracted.  If it can mask a scent that a dog can smell from 1-8 miles away, imagine what it can do with just your dog’s breath alone!!

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  1. How should I give this to my dog? Should I put it in his water or something? I read somewhere that I shouldn’t put it there, but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

    December 18, 2016 Reply
    1. You give it either by putting it on food or directly in mouth between cheek and gums

      January 19, 2017 Reply
  2. How many drops do you use?? Of the Cannin digestion blend .

    January 31, 2017 Reply
    1. should be right on the bottle

      May 18, 2017 Reply

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