“Oilers” are typically accustomed to passing around DIY (Do it Yourself) recipes from their MLM ‘upline,’ or from others that use the same brand of essential oils. The danger with these is that they are usually not created by people who have degrees in Aromatherapy nor understand appropriate, both internal and external usage of oils (especially internal usage of EO’s) which is not recommended unless recommended by a health professional. Most distressing is that so may oilers use much too many oils when it comes to children and pets, especially.

ONE EXAMPLE:  A lady private messaged me recently, having applied Lemon Essential Oil, “NEAT” (full strength) to her cat, at the recommendation of her “upline” in an MLM oil company, and it had caused 2nd degree burns! She wanted to know how I could  help. When I explained what is contained in this blog, unfortunately, she was more devoted to her essential oil company than to her cat, and cursed me out. (I told her I was more concerned for her cat’s safety than about her being offended!) I asked her to “please take your cat to a vet office.”

DID YOU KNOW?   The latest, most common thing that veterinarians are seeing in their offices, lately, is severe harm, and even deaths of animals who have been given essential oils without the oversight of a Holistic Veterinarian who understands Aromatherapy, animal physiology, and species appropriate application? (instead, they followed a DIY recipe posted on Pinterest, Instagram, or by an MLM “sponsor.”

Most of the owners falsely assumed, “I can apply these oils the same way to my pets as I do myself!”

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Although the FDA has send warning letters to many of the major oil companies regarding these unsafe usage “DIY’s” that appeared all over Pinterest and other social media platforms, oilers have now gone “underground’ in private facebook groups to try to dodge the FDA. Daily, we hear about harmful results resulting in humans and animals, due to this unsafe usage, fueled by distributor’s desire to sell LOTS of oils.

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Results of unsafe oil usage (whether human…especially children, or animal) can end in harm, and in some situations, death.

It was over a year ago when I became so startled by this whole practice, yet wanted my pets to experience the benefits of this modality in a Holistic approach to pet care. Thus, the creation of Endless Mt. Oil Blends for Pets. DISCOVER OUR OIL BLENDS HERE!

So what we decided to do was work with Holistic Veterinarians who understand Aromatherapy, animal physiology and species appropriate application when forming our oil blends. We wanted to be sure that each oil blend would be blended and diluted properly, and then also applied to each species, appropriately, to get the optimal results without harming or distressing our pets…from as small as mice, all the way up to horses!

Essentials Oils are absolutely GREAT for your pets if used properly.  You can relax knowing that all or our blends have been formulated and tested by Holistic Veterinarians.  Use them exactly as directed.

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