lemon, cinnamon sticks, and herbs

Simply click on each product on the product page and you will find a description of the product, price, and our proprietary list of ingredients!

Each of our blends are species-specific and diluted with coconut oil and aloe (depending on the blend), or Vitamin E, to make sure that the formula is safe and effective for your pet.


Remember, our products are formulated by a holistic veterinarian that understands Aromatherapy, animal physiology and species-appropriate application. Instead of buying 6-8 ($400+) bottles of oils and “experimenting” or “guessing” how to mix them safely and effectively for your pet, we’ve done the work for you and it only costs $29.95. I can’t tell you how many people are harming or killing their pets because they are merely looking for a “recipe” from an essential oils company “distributor.” That is NOT safe!

Our product line is divided into “Canine,” Feline,” & “Equine” formulas.

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