Just as cold weather and indoor heating can make human hair and skin feel excessively dry, they can have the same effect on your pet’s skin and coat as well. The good news is there are things you can do to maintain your pet’s coat in good condition even during winter months.

skin coat flaky

Typically, your pet’s flaky skin and dry coat are due to one or more factors, including:

*He’s not being groomed often enough

*She’s not being bathed often enough, or (rarely) she’s getting too many baths

*There’s a deficiency in his diet

*She has an underlying medical disorder

*If your pet’s coat is in poor condition due to one or more of these causes, winter’s cold temperatures and low humidity will exacerbate the problem. (According to Dr. Karen Becker, DVM)

dry skin
The goal should be to maintain your pet’s skin and coat in optimum condition year-round to help prevent seasonal problems.

We recommend our “All Natural” Pet shampoo to relieve dry, flakey skin, condition the coat, relieve itchiness and inflammation.

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If you have used this shampoo for a month and don’t see relief, I highly recommend adding fish oil to your pets diet. Essentiall fatty acids are absolutely necessary in your pets’ diet for optimal skin and coat health:

“Alaskan Wild Salmon Oil”—I love the convenient pump!)

The last, but most important is what you are putting into your pet that really makes a difference in its coat and skin…check out a species appropriate diet, hundreds of thousands of Americans are finally realizing the same thing we’ve learned about what a species appropriate diet is for humans…its the same thing with our pets. Less people have stopped using processed pet food as a lazy excuse to feed their pets “dead food”. Click here to learn more:

Exploring Raw Diet For Your Dog


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