Water-based is the best way of apply EO’s for all homes with exotic animals.  Exotics would include: Gerbils, Rats, Snakes, Hermit Crabs, Ferrets, Chinchillas, hamsters, lizards and mice.

Here is our recommendations for applying Endless Mt. Essential oils blends to your exotic pets:


(apply 1-2 tsp of our original blend, add to cold water diffuser, and water to fill line)—A appropriate diffuser is available on our “Products Page”

The Petting Technique:

Place a few drops of the original blend and rub it between your hands and then “pet” the animal, or simply place the animal in your hands and allow them to inhale it.

Products Recommended for Various Exotics:

Anti-Anxiety blend

 Allergy Blend or Wound Dressing blend for any and all skin or topical issues.

  • Drinking Water: apply a drop of our digestive blend  to water, or for more sensitive critters, dip a toothpick in oil blend and dab into pet’s water. Increase gradually over a couple of weeks.

***Use caution with mice or anything smaller than mice, as they will need the smallest amount of EO’s possible to have a therapeutic effect. (remember, some people use EO’s to “repel” pests, so keep this in mind with super small critters)

  • Water-based diffusion or Water Misting into the air is a wonderful recommendation for all exotic homes. Apply 1-2 tsp of Essential oils Blends for pets, then fill diffuser to fill line with spring or distilled water.

Chinchillas: Use water based cold water diffusion or petting technique only.

 When in doubt, use the cold water diffusion (be sure to use portable diffuser available on our products page. You can either plug it in to the wall, or it can be portable with the use of batteries!)



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