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No matter what you select, all essential oils will lend their benefits – emotional and physical – to the situation. I would recommend our Feline Allergy Blend to address bumps on Felines and Canine Allergy Blend for dogs. Their ingredients are safe for such application


Our “Wound Care” can be VERY beneficial post-op if you need to have a lump removed by surgery!!

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Advice on certain lumpy types…

First of all, if the lump is floating freely, it is most likely not cancerous, but if it is attached in any way…see a vet immediately!

Lipoma – or Fatty Tumor – This tumor type is quite common – especially for the canine species.  My theories on why it is very common are due to generations of inappropriate diets, filled with poor grains, and overly processed “nutrients”.  I also find they tend to appear in certain breeds. I have Labrador Retrievers, and although they are common in the breed, I have been lucky enough to never experience one personally, but for those who do, I highly recommend our “Tumor” blend. You will see results in just days…at the most a couple of weeks. If you go to the product page, you will find testimonials on this blend, as well as AMAZING before and after pictures!

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Dogs:  The same recommendations exist for dogs as it does for other animals.  It just so happens that dogs are a bit bigger, and often have more kinds of skin lumps.  Following the directions and recommendations listed above for the various types of lumps is suggested.  “Tumor Blend” will work for almost every type, and being that it is a BLEND, you will most likely find that one or many of the oils in it will address the issue, especially if it is multi-faceted.

Most dog lumps, especially when not located in a sensitive area (eyes, face, etc…), can start an application of “Tumor Blend” even once or twice a day-but DO NOT apply directly to the eye–diffuse the blend and diffuse it in the room where your dog sleeps and the eye will still receive the therapeutic benefit. (1 tbsp of blend added to diffuse, then fill water to fill line)

There have been some eyelid tumors that do go away with essential oil use.  These are likely to be of the variety that the body can resolve on its own in the first place.  And certainly, essential oils supported the body to do so.  It is never wrong to support the body and hope for the best!   I’ve seen great results.

Other types of tumors – There are many types of tumors of course, and not all can be discussed individually.  Our Tumor Blend contains all of the essential oils that I saw to benefit lumps of all sorts – and the craft in their use is more of understanding what type of lump you are dealing with, the medical characteristics of it, and how responsive it is to applications of essential oils.

“So, essential oils can reduce the inflammation of the tissues, also promoting shrinking in associated swelling.  Reduction of inflammation will also relieve the body of some of its troubles so that it can concentrate on what it needs to do – destroy, resorb, and resolve abnormal cells.  Next, there may be secondary infections associated with a lump, so if those are reduced, the lump may also appear better in a short bit of time.  Also, along those lines, if the body does not have to deal with an added “war on bacteria”, it can put its immune system efforts towards healing, instead of fighting bacteria.  This is a beautiful thing with essential oils – benign lumps and even cancer, need to be fought by the body’s own immune system.  Cancer is actually an ever-present thing.  Cancer cells are made every single day in a body.  However, a healthy immune system and DNA – will find the defective cell and eliminate it.  When this defense does not work properly, that is when we see clusters of abnormal cells grow into tumors.  Some benign, and some cancerous.  With essential oils, we are always in support of the immune system, unlike prescription medications that may only focus on killing bacteria or reducing inflammation.  Neither support the immune system and often suppress it in actuality.” (Dr. Shelton, DVM)

Sebaceous Cysts – Sebaceous Cysts (and cysts in general) are created by a lining of cells surrounding the lump.  “In the case of the Sebaceous variety, these lining cells excrete and produce sebum (a greasy, waxy substance), which is accumulated inside the “sac” of the tumor (think pimple). “ Just as a pimple can resolve, some sebaceous cysts go away on their own.

sebaceous cyst

However, other cysts grow larger, become inflamed, and are even secondarily infected, which leads to increased problems and issues.  Again, there are many ways cysts may respond to essential oil use.  Essential oils can reduce inflammation, reduce secondary infections, promote the expulsion of abnormal substances, support immune response, and even promote abnormal cell death (apoptosis) – however, rarely do we see the lining of the “chronic” cyst completely resolve.


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  1. My dog has what they call a fatty tumor, but it is aggressive and under his skin like a filled ball. It takes over the salivary gland and grows tentacles. He’s had it removed twice but it comes back. Doc said this kind of tumor is due to trauma on the area. He orriginally had a 3 pound tumor hanging from his jaw. He’s a rescue. And the most wonderful dog I’ve ever been around. Please help.

    January 26, 2018 Reply

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