The answer is a resounding, “YES!”  These are all human grade oils, produced in laboratories that have the same regulations as those producing pharmaceuticals.

The most commonly used oils, in our particular line, that humans really like, are our Flea and Tick Formula, the Anti-Anxiety Formula, and the Joint Formula.

When we go on walks with our dogs, we are usually walking through woods, fields and hedgerows.  We find that if we spray ourselves and the dogs, we have a much more pleasant, bug-free walk. Be sure to shake the bottle, then spray over entire body avoiding the eyes.  It will not leave a greasy film on your clothing or even your hair!  And its not sticky, your skin will breathe, and it smells delicious!

I’ve had many clients pick up puppies and take home the Calm Puppy Formula, and as soon as I apply it to their puppy’s pads of feet and coat, they say, “Can I use that?”  I always tell them that the first experience I had with essential oils was for anxiety and insomnia, so I am quite a fan of our Anti-Anxiety Formula which is a more concentrated version of the Calm Puppy Formula.  Usually, one of our diffusers walks out the door with them, and many times ends up in the bedroom of the new puppy parent!

My second, most memorable experience with essential oils was when using them for my herniated disc in my neck, my scoliosis in my back, and my arthritis.  I rub it directly on the area, and the warmth is as good as if I had a portable heating pad with me.  So the Joint Formula can be use on humans as well!

The only formula I would not recommend for humans, is the Digestive Formula…unless you enjoy the flavor of Cod-Liver Oil!  (insert snicker).

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