An Essential Oil Story That Will Amaze you!

Animals can’t lie to you. They have no underlying biases. So when applying essential oils, they either like them or hate them. And you should take this into consideration when applying them…varying the strength to their desires and needs.

My favorite story about essential oils and pets, is when my Mackie responded to EO’s for the first time. (He was our beautiful grand champion that won Winners Dog at the largest, most prestigious AKC specialty show in the US in 2009!)

Mackie had contracted Lyme’s Disease. Which was frustrating after faithfully using typical prescription flea and tick medications. This was one of the reasons we formulated our Flea and Tick Formula with essential oils as the active ingredients. It was evident to us that the average medications just weren’t cutting it…

But, nonetheless, we knew that this disease attacked the kidneys. I had a friend visiting one day and we were opening bottles of essential oils. At one point, I opened a vial and Mackie (who never goes anywhere fast without food being the bait!) came RUNNING across the house and stuck his nose right in the bottle! My friend and I stared at one another slack-jawed. We then looked to see what that particular oil was for, and it was one that supported the kidneys! His body TOLD HIM what he needed!!!

Mackie love

Our sweet Mackie

Pets will respond wonderfully to oils. My Mackie son, named Odin (and affectionately called “little bub” after his Daddy) LOVES the oils. He LEANS IN and closes his eyes when we bring any of the bottles to him. Every day he gets sprayed with our Flea and Tick Formula, and he stands there and just looks like he’s “drinking it in”. Our Amy, who used to hate anything in a spray bottle, now STOPS and stands still we spray the Flea and Tick Formula on her each day. Amazing!

Mackie about to win Winners Dog from British judge David Craig, Potomac, 2009

Mackie about to win Winners Dog from British judge David Craig, Potomac, 2009


The results of these products never cease to amaze me… and to know your pet actually likes it?? Well that just makes it even better!



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