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Your furry friend is important to you, and so is their health. But caring for your pet may have required you to use chemicals or products that you aren’t entirely comfortable with. Have you ever wondered if there was a natural/holistic way to care for pets’ everyday needs?

Essential Oil Blends just might be the answer. Long recognized as a natural remedy to many ailments for humans, studies are finding that essential oils can be just as effective in helping your four-legged friend.

Remember, essential oils are powerful, concentrated extracts, and should always be used with caution, which is why our products are  made by Holistic Veterinarians who understand Aromatherapy, animal physiology, and species-appropriate application. Here are some tips for using essential oils with pets.

Always make sure the oils you use are of the highest quality and pure. Do not use perfume-grade oils on your pet. In general, stay away from all essential oils on retail shelves.

  1. Keep the Bugs Away

Nobody wants their best friend to suffer from bug bites and parasitic infestations. Thankfully, several essential oils have been shown to work as natural insect repellants. Fleas can be treated with essential oils. Be careful with your kitty, though. Some citrus oils aren’t good for them (notice we have a home page specifically designed to guide you to the products that are safe for your particular pet) . Our “All Natural Flea/Tick” blend is perfect for felines,canines and horses. In fact, many have found our blends to be more effective than the pharmaceutical “spot on” treatments.

 You will find all our products on our website categorized into species: Canine, Feline, and Equine. (See our blogs concerning Aviary, Exotic pets, and fish).

  1. Keep Your Bird From Plucking

To make sure your bird keeps singing a happy, healthy tune, you can add some aromatherapy to their daily routine. If your feathered family member is demonstrating emotional distress by plucking feathers, aromatherapy can be the answer to restoring their emotional equilibrium. (see our blog on E. O.’s for Aviary)

  1. Welcome New Litters

Just as calming oils can assist with human births, oils have shown positive effects for animals as well. One of the best ways to help your pet reap the benefits is to use a diffuser with “Calm Puppy Blend” where your pet usually rests or sleeps. I’ve used this with newborn puppies and with puppies going home to their new homes (they sleep through the night, immediately!). I use it on adult dogs…the effects are immediate! Some feline owners have seen their cat get more and more cozy with the diffuser as gestation continued, even having their babies right next to it. (see our Feline version of “Anti-Anxiety” Blend for kitties. For Canines, use the Canine formula)


Make Traveling a Breeze

If your pet gets anxious when you have to take a trip, try using “Anti-Anxiety” Blend to calm them down. It can also prevent and alleviate car sickness.

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  1. Make Time Away Easier

For pets that experience separation anxiety while you’re at work or away on vacation, you can help them feel more secure with the use of essential oils. Again, our “Anti-Anxiety” Blend comes to the rescue! This product can also help boost mood and keep your furry friend from falling into a depression while you’re away.

  1. Battle Bad Breath

Unfortunately, our four-legged friends can be prone to less than savory breath. If your pet could use some help in that department, look no further than these essential oils. Our Digestion Blend is great for this.

All of these oils included in this blend are highly diluted and we have used the herbal (safe to ingest) form of each ingredient.

7.Allergies and Ear infections

The top complaints in Veterinary Offices today are Pet Allergies and Ear infections. The symptoms can certainly be treated with our oil blends, but be sure to also take a holistic approach and provide a species-appropriate diet for your pet, thus, allowing them to heal from within and attack the ‘root cause.’

Read more about a species appropriate raw diet.  Click Here to learn more 

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Your pets are important to you and you want to make sure they live the best life possible. Authentic essential oils are just one more way to ensure you’re delivering the best care to these important family members. Your pet deserves the BEST–give them the best!


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