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Whether your pet has fatty tumors, malignant or benign tumors… even inter-digital cysts (between toes), our Tumor Formula will aid in repairing cell damage, reversing the abnormal cell growth at a cellular level, while preventing future tumors as well. In addition, it will restore and strengthen the immune system, all the organs in the body, promoting overall health, well being, and a longer life span. (8 oz. bottle)

*Use alongside veterinary care.


Whether your pet has fatty tumors, malignant or benign tumors, or interdigital cysts, our Tumor Blend will help to repair cell damage and reverse abnormal cell growth.  This formula will strengthen the immune system and promote overall health, well being, and a longer lifespan.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut oil, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Clove, Balsam Fir, and Myrrh essential oils.

Directions:  Shake well. Apply directly to the tumor, cyst, or skin tag 3 x a day until it has disappeared.



before and after with tumor formula

Always store essential oil blends in a cool, dry place, and discard after one year if unused.


My golden retriever had a small tumor growing on the side of her face. I used tumor blend and it shrunk the tumor to nothing.”–Amanda Snyder

Thumbs up for tumor blend. My pug Lola had a tumor on her belly about the size of a half dollar. We used it 2-3 times a day. 
It took a couple of months but her tumor is gone. She now has a flat surface. Amazing product.
Thank you.–Lauria Egnell

Thank You so very much for taking care of my friend Stephanie Dubay. Her dog has had a tumor removed surgically twice and she purchased Tumor Blend from you to help this problem. She and her sister are both RN’S and they let me know that this is helping. I talk about your company and products to my co-workers and clients at the salon I work at all the time. Also thanks for sending me out the brochures. I have been giving them out. I wish I had known about you when my English Springer Spaniel was alive. He so could have benefited from your products. Again Thank You! –Karen Kohan 

“I’m a believer! Thank you for keeping our pets happy and healthy! These are our results (see below) after using the Tumor Formula for two weeks, three times a day! This was diagnosed by her vet as an abnormal cellular growth on her ear. The results are amazing!!–Brandi Ledit  (see picture above of the results!)

5 reviews for CANINE TUMOR BLEND

  1. Brandi

    Amazing product! Used three times a day for two weeks! The results speak for themselves! This was used for abnormal cellular growth on my Boxers ear. See before and after picture posted on 9/17/15. I’m a believer in Essential Oils for pets! Thank you for providing such amazing products to keep our furry babies happy and healthy!

  2. Maura Vitale (verified owner)

    Really appreciate the recommendation for this product. We began using the essential oil after the tumor had grown for several months. It actually shrunk the tumor. We are very appreciative of the results of this product

  3. Adrian Sula (verified owner)

    Me and my dog Tyson can’t thank you guys enough for your amazing product, Honestly I was hopeless after going to the vet when noticing this tumor growing in the middle of the inside of his paw, the vet said it should grow anymore, and if it didn’t go away surgery was the only option and with that came the risk of having to amputate one of his toes if it doesn’t heal right after surgery, you can imagine how I felt when a month later this thing grew twice as big and Tyson could no longer walk without limping in pain, I had to carry him to go potty and to go most places, he was miserable and depressed. out of desperation I googled natural healing for tumor on dogs paw, and your website came up and I looked at the reviews for this product and said here goes nothing.

    I need to submit photos so u can see how massive this tumor was, a week after getting the product I didn’t see any results probably due to the size of this thing, by the 2nd week I was amazed it had gone down, by the 3rd week even more, 4 weeks later today it is barely there and Tyson was able to go for a run for the first time in almost 3 months without limping, he’s jumping and running and is so much happier. You saved his toe and his paw and you gave him his life back, thank you thank you thank you I will forever be a loyal customer!

    Adrian & Tyson
    Tampa, FL

    P.S. I already wrote you on FB and I need to submit these pics for you to post, the tumor is 3 times bigger than the one pic you currently have under this review, people need to see how effective this natural product is,

    • Donna Stanley (verified owner)

      We’d LOVE to see the photos! You can also email them to me at

    • wally friedl (verified owner)

      well here we go surgery for Chester my Golden retriever for mast cancer tumor when we have that behind us we will treat area and hope for the best will up date you on product and Chester..

  4. Debra Cogis (verified owner)

    My 10 year old yellow Labrador Jack had a very large lipoma on his back, it is benign and about the size of a baseball. I purchased the tumor blend about 2 months ago and I use it as directed. I was skeptical, but I bought it anyway. The fatty tumor is now about the size of a ping pong ball, and we’re still using it. I am astonished on how well this product worked!!!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

    • Donna Stanley (verified owner)

      Thank you for letting us know how your baby is doing, we are happy to hear that his tumor is shrinking.

  5. Michele Cruz

    I ordered this 2 wks ago and Im thrilled at how fast it has worked! I’ve been sharing this info on all of the support groups I’m in! I hope everyone has the same wonderful results! Our dogs mass had grown rapidly from a nickel size and soft like a cyst to a baseball size and was rock hard! I applied coconut oil and frankincense 3 times a day and it worked wonders by shrinking the mass in 4 days and softening it however, I worked tirelessly trying to keep him from licking it! I started using the spray and he immediately left it alone and seemed like he was able to relax! It’s a great combo and I’m so happy with the results! Thank you!

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