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-Eliminates and prevents hot spots
-Relieves itchy, dry, irritated skin and excess shedding
-Cooling, calming, and soothing

(8 oz. bottle)


Our Allergy Blend is great for those poor itchy pets who need some relief and have tried everything western medicine has to offer–but with no help!  It works great on hot spots and rashes and it prevents your dog from itching and biting themselves no matter what kind of skin irritation is causing it! This blend not only attacks the allergic reaction or irritation at the ‘root cause,’ but promotes healing, prevents further irritation, and assists in regrowth of hair where irritation may have caused it to fall out.  Furthermore, this blend will prevent shedding and repel pests.  It is anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory. ALSO KILLS RINGWORM!

Ingredients:  A proprietary blend of Lavender oil, Citrus oil, Peppermint oil, Cedarwood oil, Frankincense oil, Coconut oil, and aloe.

Instructions:  Shake well. Spray entire body, including problem spots and pads of feet, avoiding eyes. (Apply to vitaflex points also–pads of feet) Massage from tail to head. Apply twice a day for the first week, once every other day for the second week, then three times a week until symptoms disappear. Then use once a week as a preventative. Can be used as a spot treatment using routine given above. If the dog licks the product off, a “cone” may be necessary to prevent that for the first week–not that its toxic, you just need them to keep the product on the problem area.  But most pets do not lick the product. It is totally safe if they do.  


types of allergies

Types of allergies (above)  Common Symptoms of allergies (below)


allergic skin conditions

Diet: A grain-free diet is almost always helpful in combating chronic yeast infections/allergies. Grains contain natural sugars upon which yeasts can feed and multiply. In most mild cases, eliminating grains and cleaning the ears of any built up debris will set your dog on a path to long-term health. A raw or natural, minimally processed diet can be very helpful in combating ear problems and skin allergies because it provides the natural, whole-food nutrition that the dog’s immune system needs in order to function optimally. Removing toxic chemical preservatives and excessive gluten, by-products, GMO’,s, phytoestrogens and fillers can have a marvelous effect on most of the body, including the condition of the ears. Here are my suggestions:

Life’s Abundance Grain-Free All Life Stages dog food

B.A.R.F.  World (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)

Always store essential oil blends in a cool, dry place, and discard after one year if unused.


“This is an Amazing product! My Little Chi has terrible skin allergies and this is the Only thing that has actually worked for him! I spent so much money before and it was all just a waste…We will be loyal customers from now onLove this oil blend– it cleared up my boy’s skin issues in less than a week.”–Jennifer Kerfien–Tiffany Plonter

“It’s great!  Our chocolate lab has been scratching for years.  This formula made her stop!  And she isn’t chewing her paws anymore!  It took a few days to take effect, but I’m so happy with the results.  She does lick it when I first put it, on but then she leaves it be. Thank you so much.  I have already recommended this to my sister and our new veterinarian!”–Jennifer Dunphy

“I have recently used your Allergy Blend on my St Bernard’s legs due to raw areas caused by itching and licking. All four legs looked raw and painful. After 3 days of your spray, 3 legs were healed and the hair was growing back. After 5 days the last leg was also healed. What a blessing the allergy oil has been and it saved me hundreds of dollars for the vet and medicine they would have insisted he needed. I would much rather use (oils)  on my dog than the medicines and chemicals the vet usually suggest.”–Sheila Cowger

“I started the Allergy Blend along with the Flea/Tick repellent and our dog is already better after 3 days!! Love these oils!!” — Trisha  

“This Allergy Blend really works! Quickly too! My niece tried everything…switched food, went to the vet a few times for a shot, prednisone…ugh! I had the Allergy Blend sent to her…within a week the problem is solved….skin has cleared up.” –Brenda Boshart Rosbrook 

“So I’ve been using oils myself for several months now. I had tried just lavender and a couple other oils to help my dog (Deacon)  with his constant itching. It would help, but not as much as I wanted…  Now, after only 2 days of using your oil combination twice a day, he has stopped itching!! I’m so happy! I think he knows it helps too because when I grab the bottle, he runs over to me and stands, waiting and ready for me to spray him and give him a rub down. Both Deacon and I are so glad we found you and your product. I’m sure we’ll be ordering some more soon. Thank you! –Jaleigh Raumann

“The  (Allergy Blend)  works wonders….cleared up a huge hotspot in only 3 days and helped with small scabs on my other dog. Thanks. – Patty DeRousi

“My chocolate chunk, ‘Kona’, had an interdigital cyst in the webbed area on his right paw. Instead of using antibiotics to treat it, I thought I’d give the ‘Allergy Blend’ a try.. It reduced in size within 3 days and was completely healed after about a week and a half to 2 weeks!! I also recently rescued a pup and have been using the Anti Anxiety blend on both dogs before bedtime and they wag their tails like crazy when I pull out the bottle! Thank you so much, I will continue to use these oils!!”–Toni Zimmer

 “Palin has hot spots between her toes and pads.  Red and itchy.  The vet said to keep them dry and I thought the oil blends might help, as I personally use oils for many medical issues, instead of drugs. It seems to be helping… she is not licking her paws.  It took only 3 applications.”—Lola Ignatowski 

“Below are two pictures of Brie. The first was taken in December. Her allergies were so bad that she was getting sores around her eyes, including infected eyelashes from rubbing. She even got an infected paw from licking, I started using the Allergy Formula faithfully, and the 2nd picture is of her today. Also, the end of December we drove from Chicago to Scottsdale for the winter. She panted for the first 7 hours. I sprayed her with the Anti-Anxiety formula and she was good at the hotel where we stopped the first night. (First night ever in a hotel!) and for the next 20 hours in the car. I am so pleased you blended these oils for pets. She is doing so well. She will be 2 years old on the 28th and is a joy to me every day and is my constant companion. It made me sad to see her suffer.”–Paisley Stitt

 “Love this product. I use it daily for itchy summer skin.”–Sally Talley

“The “Allergy Blend” I ordered worked wonders on “Gators” paws. They are no longer red and he doesn’t lick them. Gator said, “Thanks for making him better.”–Courtney Georgia

“Donna, computer genius I am not.  But what I do know is trying Essential oils Allergy Blend has changed Cameo’s life! At one point the only thing that calmed her reaction to just touching her, which caused a ripple effect over her entire body, was prednisone– which I hated to give her but she had to have relief.  You have helped she and me both and I am forever thankful…” –Vicki Travis

I love this product! I make sure to always have it on hand having 3 dogs! Stops the itching and licking quickly! They are sensitive to fleas and dry skin !!”–Donna Vergason Gibson

“This, for sure, has helped my dog a lot! His spot on his butt almost has all his hair back and he doesn’t nearly itch as much as he used to!–Lauren Balestri Nicole Tuesley

Sandy Niedzwiecki says, “Just wanted to say… super fast service! I ordered on the 2nd and received my order yesterday, can’t wait to try my new items out!!” —Sandy Niedzwiecki 

 “This blend really did help! I used it on my mom’s pit bull who licked a spot open on her hind leg. I put this blend on her once a day, and 3 days later the spot was gone!  The pit bull even seemed to get some relief when I would put it on her– like it “felt good to put it on!” I love this blend!”–Jessica Herron

Great testimonial: (ALLERGY BLEND/PAIN BLEND)
“Hello, I had placed an order back in January for your allergy formula and the Pain Relief formula. I started using them immediately and have found that they are working beautifully. My Mastiff has severe SKIN ALLERGIES and we went the allergy shot route about two years ago and ended up having to stop after 6 months because he got worse…so, unfortunately, we have just done the best we can in keeping him treated. The ALLERGY FORMULA has done wonders for his coat and skin and I am happy to have finally found something natural and holistic. My female boxer is going on 11 years old and over the past several years has been dealing with arthritis etc. we have gone the pain medication route which yes can be helpful but at times is easily forgotten especially when life gets busy. The PAIN FORMULA has been working very well for her, she seems a little stronger and more agile…and this is a big thing for an 11-year-old pup who I often have to pick up from behind to help her get on all fours. So I definitely wanted to share my experience and happiness with your product.” —Stephanie Cleary 02/15/16
My dog has suffered from skin and seasonal allergies for years with no relief from prescribed medications. I ordered the Canine Allergy Blend spray and after one treatment, her constant itching and whining ceased.
She is now happy and playful once again!” –Nancy H. Murray 



  1. Kendra Evans (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the allergy blend and shampoo. I have two pit bulls with very sensitive skin. One who has frequent hot spots, and the other who reacts to allergies with scratching and fur loss. The spray is great for the hot spots, but the real winner is for my pit bull,, Walter. We have tried everything to calm his scratching and fur loss. His side has been bright red and raw for months, Steroids worked, but the side effects were awful. Once the spray and shampoo came in I immediately bathed and sprayed him. The next morning, his spot was calm, the redness had significantly decreased, and it was clear her was not up all night scratching! There was a huge change after one use! We spray his spot daily! Now that his skin has calmed, we’re hoping for fur re-growth! I highly recommend this product if your pup is having an issue like mine!

    • Donna Stanley (verified owner)

      Thank you for your wonderful story!

  2. Elizabeth Arendt (verified owner)

    My dog Jessie had seasonal allergies I tried this product and was amazed at how well it worked . I have one happy calm pup. Thank you so much goodbye itchy hot spots and Licking paws all night . We are both happy To have a restfull night .

  3. Susan (verified owner)

    My Peke has seasonal allergies. He was chewing on his left hind leg, a repeated habit. Used it several times today, he has stopped chewing. I was so relieved to see him calmer and happier. Came well packaged. Very pleased.

    • Donna Stanley (verified owner)

      Are you using the Allergy Blend?

  4. Anne (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! I have a white boxer and this product soothes his skin allergies immediately. My daughter shared gave some to her friend for her French Bulldog – now Richie doesn’t lick his paws anymore!

  5. Lillian galbreath (verified owner)

    Not only is it fantastic for your dog but if you get a bite spray it and it’s gone. Love this stuff ordering a new bottle today Lil G

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