I was sitting in my husband’s office the other day in a meeting with a lady.  She must have had a certain hairspray on, or a perfume that the fly in the room loved.  I felt so horrible for her, swatting at this fly buzzing around her head, while at the same time trying to speak and appear professional .  I darted out to my office across the house and grabbed our Endless Mt. Oil Blends Flea & Tick Blend and handed it to her. I told her to spray it on her head, explaining it would not leave a film on her hair.  She sprayed it, and immediately, that annoying fly flew right over to my husband!  I tossed him the spray, he sprayed his head, and that little fly made a bee line for me! Next I grabbed the bottle and sprayed my head.  For the next 15 minutes, the remainder of our meeting, that big ol’ annoying fly zoomed back and forth 4 feet above us on the ceiling, back and forth, back an forth.  Needless to say, that dear lady walked out of our house with not only the Flea & Tick Blend, but also the Calm Puppy Blend as she was now a believer and informed us that she has a pup at home that was rather active!

Not only does this spray repel fleas and ticks, it repels all crawling and flying insects!  Perfect for your dog, yourself, and great for your horse too! (it comes in a 16 oz. horse-sized large spray bottle!)

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